Monday 19 January 2009

John Tennant: Calling all Tories!

John Tennant, prospective UKIP MEP for the North East of England euroregion, reckons the appointment of arch-eurofederalist, Ken Clarke, sends out a message to the Tory Party - "We are supporters of the EU Project". Was there ever any doubt?
Calling all Tories!

Ken Clarke has returned to the Tory Frontbench as Business Secretary. The pro-EuropeanKen Clarke Conservative former Chancellor of the Exchequer has sent a very important message to the Tory Party - "We are supporters of the EU Project".

I say to all Conservative Eurosceptics, "Come and Join UKIP". David Cameron has sent an important message to his membership, and that message is to remain involved in the EU Project. Don't be fooled by Mr Clarke's comments that he and Cameron will 'agree to disagree' on Europe, this is nothing more than a smokescreen to mask the real truth from Tory members.

UKIP is ready to go to war over Europe and traditional Conservative values, we are your last hope - join us or bust!

I often ask myself, "Are the Tories really Eurosceptics?", if so, why was it the Tories who signed the Single European Act? Signing the Maastrict Treaty, or even having done little to oppose the European Project insofar as to refuse to pull out of the Euro-federalist EPP group? The fact is, the Tories aren't really Eurosceptics, they simply create a facade to keep their dwindling membership happy, and stop the real Eurosceptics from winning. In essence the admission of Ken Clarke to the Tory frontbench, is a warning the Conservative membership - Cameron is Pro-Europe, he doesn't listen to his membership and now is the time for Eurosceptic Tories to join UKIP.

We welcome you with open arms.
UKIP is what Conswervatives want the Conswervative Party to be - a centre-right party, conservative, eurosceptic party and not the flip-flopping eurofederalist mess that it is now. They've already lost a well-respected Councillor over Clarke's appointment from a council that the Tories are clinging on to by the skin of their teeth. The way Camoron is going, the Lib Dems are going to be giving them a run for their money.