Friday 30 January 2009

Total exposes Brown's "British jobs" fraud

Total have exposed Gordon Brown's "British jobs for British people" pledge for what it is - a big fat lie.

Gordon Brown can't do a single thing to ensure that jobs in the UK are given to people from these isles because control of our borders was handed over to Federal Europe years ago.

Total has awarded a contract to an Italian company to put some new equipment into Lindsey Oil Refinery who are sending over 300 Italians to do the work instead of employing locals. Workers at the refinery walked out on strike 3 days ago and thousands of other workers in the energy industry have walked out in support of them.

The British government can do nothing to stop this except abuse anti-terrorism laws to break the pickets. They can't give Total or their Italian contractor a bung to employ locals because that would be illegal under EU law. They can't stop the Italian workers from coming over to work here because that would be illegal under EU law.

The LibLabCon are all committed to keeping the UK in the EU, we have to leave and UKIP is the only major party committed to leaving the EU and running our country by ourselves, for ourselves.


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Steve Halden said...

Gordon Brown promised British jobs for British workers.

But British workers are not allowed to help build the extension at the Lindsey Oil Refinery.

We are being locked out of jobs in our own country.

This contract should never have been given to an Italian firm in the middle of a recession.

Gordon Brown made his promise to get British jobs for British workers.

He must now live up to that promise, and get British workers jobs at the Lindsey Oil Refinery.