Thursday 26 February 2009

Hypocrisy and propaganda from the far left

The Socialist Party has used the PCS union to indulge in a bit of hypocrisy.

Their website has an article written by the chair of the PCS Wales union complaining about UKIP "using" a march by the GMB and Unite unions for Welsh jobs for Welsh workers. The Socialist Party and PCS Wales is "using" the march itself to attack UKIP and defend the EU legislation that has caused the march in the first place!

What strange people these left wing eurofederalists are ...

Workers march for jobs in Cardiff

About 200 Unite and GMB members from power stations from across South Wales marched for jobs through Cardiff city centre on 21 February. This included a number of unemployed members.

The stewards were very clear that they were demanding that trade union agreements should be adhered to and opposed the bosses' attempts to undermine these agreements. On one contract the unions negotiated the same terms and conditions for all the workers, including 30 Polish workers. This shows the real potential of trade union organisation and action.

Disgracefully, UK Independence Party (UKIP) members turned up to try to exploit some of the biased media coverage over migrant workers. But they got short shrift from the trade unionists.

The speakers at the rally correctly criticised the opportunist approach of UKIP and the far right parties in Europe, who always oppose any legislation to protect or enhance workers' rights. Any attempts by employers to divide and defeat the working class need to continue to be robustly challenged to take the movement forward.
The article also uses a technique that we're seeing more and more often - talking about UKIP and "the far right" (meaning the BNP even though they're left wing) in the same sentence as if they're one in the same.

We spoke to the UKIP members who where actually there this was their account:

UKIP Cardiff turned out in force today to support the workers. Every single attendee at the march was spoken too and accepted an ' enough is enough' leaflet, the response was 99% positive from the workers and the only two objections on the day were from one guy who was immediately taken to task by his 3 companions who told him to belt up and that UKIP were the only party who had turned up to support them.

The only other objector was the full time official from Unite who had given two of our ladies who had turned up early a hard time, rest assured that when a another UKIP member turned up the objector soon learnt of his capacity as a GMB member and union official he was torn off a strip in front of those gathered including the BBC reporter present and walked off with his tail between his legs.

The strikes are set to resume and organised by ordinary workers outside the unions remits, the tqwo faced unions are only belatedly making a sham show of support for their members because they have been left behind by their members who are disgusted by their two faced hypocrisy.

UKIP Cardiff have already been involved in the Aberthaw power station strike and recieved a similar warm response from the workers.