Sunday 1 March 2009

Labour and 'Rocks'

What is the problem that the Labour government has with 'Rocks'? We have had the northern 'Rock', the opinion polls showing 'rocks in the waters ahead' for Labour in their attempts to get re-elected - now we have another 'Rock' rearing its head and one which it is not recalled seeing reported in the British press. The latest 'rock' that would appear likely to cause Labour a small problem or two lies slightly further away; to be precise - Gibraltar. What is even more annoying is this latest 'rock', that might 'sink the Labour boat', has 'sprouted' from Brussels!

It would appear that Spain has laid claim to all waters around the Rock of Gibraltar up to the harbour, a claim which the Gibraltar Chronicle says caught the British government totally unawares, even though this claim had been accepted by the European Commission. The newspaper also states that
"In doing so, the Commission ignored the fact that Britain has jurisdiction over these waters and had already designated part of them as a European protected site in 2006."

One has to ask whether Milibland (D), the Foreign Office and the Government were asleep at the time this took place? It is, understandably, possible to assume that as
the British Government didn’t know the size of the toxic debt it was inheriting when it nationalized certain banks or the terms of the pay-offs of failed directors, it is hardly surprising that it wasn’t aware that the EU had given Spain responsibility for Gibraltar’s waters.

Further reporting and comment from can be found here and here. and background to the 'sovereignty' of waters around Gibraltar, here. It would also appear to be quite amusing that the seriousness of this situation was actually sounded by the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society.

It is also predictable that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will 'ape' (hows that for a delightful, non-pc term?) the Labour Government and 'wring their hands' whilst showing their inability to 'over-rule' our true government!