Monday 9 March 2009

Nothing like a bit of controversy

It seems I've rattled a few anti-UKIP cages with my post about the UK First Party yesterday.


There are more than enough turncoats running around claiming to be concerned UKIP members slagging off the party, its leadership and generally causing as much trouble and disruption as they can get away with. It's about time they found a channel for their obsessive, compulsive behaviour.

Perhaps now their insane and obsessive attacks on UKIP will be in the name of the UK First Party or, even better, perhaps they'll turn on their new party instead and let the grown ups get on with it.

And for the record - although it has been said more than once - this blog is nothing to do with UKIP and they have no control or influence over it.


ukipwebmaster said...

Keep it up!
Most of these people are stooges for other parties or useful idiots who seem to forget thet we have a democratically elected Leader who would be voted in again with an even bigger majority.
Very few people will follow them into oblivion and if they did get their way you'd find they would crawl back into the woodwork quickly having achieved their aim of destroying the only chance of escaping the European Union Hell Hole.
Some of them are the political equivalent of stalkers and you know you've hit the right spot when you wind them up. (Which is quite easy to do)

Vote Derek Bennett Walsall South said...

Hear hear, I agree with your comments entirely. I have been convinced for some time that these so called 'concerned' people who do nothing other than gripe about UKIP and its leadership are really pro-EU stooges just trying to inflict as much damage on UKIP as possible.

If they really were concerned then why don't we see them on leafleting and campaign days when there is work to be done? Sadly, they are doing nothing other than sending out spurious e-mails about UKIP while those who are genuinely concerned are out working for UKIP and our country.

wonkotsane said...

Well, I've said before that these people who are so disillusioned with the party that they feel the need to devote all their free time to fighting it from within instead of helping to achieve success should do a Kiljoy and bugger off somewhere else or start their own party. Looks like some of them have gone but how many will still write their crap under the UKIP name like Tom Wise is wont to do from time to time?