Wednesday 4 March 2009

Responsibiity & Accountability

Whilst searching on another subject I have come across this from the Communities and Local Government website.

Laying the regulations, Local Government Minister John Healey said:

"Councillors' utmost concern should be to provide the best possible governance for local people, and in the run up to unitary transition this is more important than ever. These regulations will ensure that despite the change in local governance incumbent councillors will remain accountable for their actions and face the full consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Just because they will no longer represent their electorate, doesn't mean that they will be let of the hook if residents raise allegations about their past conduct once their post ends.''

On the basis that 'what is good for the goose' etc - does this principle also apply to Labour MPs and the Labour Government regarding 'let off the hook' in respect of their past conduct (Ratifying the Lisbon Treaty)?


Vindico said...

"Just because they will no longer represent their electorate"

That sounds frightening!