Monday 6 April 2009

Alice In Wonderland?

I note that the Pan African Parliament is in negotiations to allow African politicians to monitor the EU elections, which could see a Zimbabwean delegate being included.

They might as well include Nigel Kennedy, or Maxim Vengerov, on the basis that the fiddlers will be monitoring those fiddling!

What a topsy-turvy world we live in!


Anonymous said...

Postal voting in this country does lead to fraud. Proxy voting as well. A friend of mine went to vote at the 2005 GE and was told she'd already voted by proxy. Just before the 2006 local govt elections we were shocked to be told that 2 people we'd never heard of had registered to vote from our address. We had to go the Town Hall with id to show they didn't live with us. So Europeans aren't that better than Africans when it comes to electoral fraud. If Europeans can monitor Africans, why not the other way round? Posts like yours enable the Tories to brand UKIP racist.

Witterings from Witney said...


voting fraud will always be attempted, but you miss the point that fraud generally, within the EU and in Africa, is far more widespread than in this country.

It is also apparent that your sense of humour is lacking somewhat in that you have totally misunderstood the point of the post.

Lastly it is those such as you who shout 'racist' the minute any mention is made about another country or race, whether in jest or not, and in so doing it is you who do your cause diservice!

wonkotsane said...

We know the EU ruling class are as bent as nine euro notes but even the EU's imperial stormtroopers can't compete with Mugabe and his corrupt administration.