Wednesday 8 April 2009

Nick Jones to stand for UKIP in Wanstead Ward on St George's Day

UKIP London are fighting the local council by-election in Wanstead ward. Our candidate is local activist, Nick Jones, 62, born and brought up in Wanstead. In his campaign, Nick is stressing that the UK Independence Party is not just a single issue party but has a full range of policies. However, Brussels affects every aspect of our lives right down to local government level.

Nick promises to grapple with the problem of Town Hall waste, bonus culture (25% of council tax funding public sector pensions and 7 Council officers earning over £100,000 as reported in the Guardian) and the divisive multicultural policies of the Council. Nick says “We are all residents of Redbridge and so we should all be treated equally and fairly. We do not agree with this Council’s politically correct policies”

”Knocking down old houses and building flats is a big issue in the borough and will be an election issue. UKIP do not agree with building on every square inch of Redbridge. Britain is now the most densely populated country in Europe but we should not allow the character of the borough to be destroyed with ever more intensive building as a result of this government’s policy of uncontrolled mass immigration. Of course, if we left the European Union, we could slash Council tax and increase state pensions.”

Polling day is 23rd April – St Georges Day! Good luck.