Tuesday 14 April 2009

UKIP sense vs. Green insanity.

Firstly, I would like to quickly say how happy I am to be a part of Bloggers4UKIP. I think it is a great project that I hope I can now help take to the next level.

In my opinion one of UKIP's greatest assets is the people within it. This is a party built on the back of individuals of integrity and principle. That may seem a very partisan thing to say, but when you compare the workings of UKIP to the corporate structure of the three old Parties, they are traits that have become all too rare. I think, to be fair, the Green Party is built by principled people who at least legitimately believe in something. They probably have more integrity than most LibLabCon politicians, too. Unfortunately for them, they miss a very necessary third trait: the common sense that can only be found within those who live in the real world.

David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP Deputy Leader and lead Eastern Countries candidate in the European Elections, recently challenged Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas as to whether she thought someone flying to Spain for a holiday was as bad as stabbing someone in the street. Yes, she replied, it was. It was in that moment, pushed by someone with a sensible grasp of what does and doesn't matter for people living in the real world, that Lucas totally exposed herself and her Party.

What is sickening is that in many parts of Britain, areas are now blighted by young people stabbing and killing each other. For Lucas to compare this to flying for a well-deserved family holiday goes beyond absurdity, and is really quite offensive. It is amazing how often UKIP get the accusation of representing a minority opinion in British politics. Yet on occasions such as this, can there be any doubt that UKIP, thanks to to the people within it, have their fingers on the pulse unlike any other party? Just how many people would support Lucas' statement compared to the amazed reaction of David Campbell Bannerman?

The Party has also proven to have its finger on the pulse like no other Party on issues like education and of course the European Union. Unlike the three old Parties, when those standing on a UKIP platform claim to be standing up for the wishes of ordinary people who are unrepresented in the political process, we can back it up with the policies that make the Party a true alternative voice in British politics. It is one that is badly needed.

To watch David Campbell Bannerman expose Caroline Lucas, go here and fast forward to 14:09.


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