Sunday 19 April 2009

Young Independence Elections

Yesterday's spring rally saw the election of six young members to positions in Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP. Well, I say "youth wing" but I qualify so you don't have to be that young!

Four of the six positions were uncontested and two - Chairman and Press Officer- had multiple candidates. The results are as follows:
  • Chairman- Michael Heaver
  • Vice Chairman - Yasin Akgun
  • Treasurer - Steve Fowler
  • Secretary- Harry Aldridge
  • Press Officer- Marcus McSorley
  • Election Officer-Chris Cassidy
Congratulations to all six and commiserations to the candidates that were unsuccessful. The only surprise was the election of Marcus McSorley who, on account of being out of the country, didn't attend the conference and didn't submit a bio!