Wednesday 13 May 2009

BNP Party Political Broadcast

Just seen the BNP Party Political Broadcast on ITV.

One word: amateur.

It looked like a school project by 13 year olds. Nick Griffin sounded dull and disinterested, the councillor they interviewed kept forgetting his lines and the activist was reading from an autocue!

I thought the BNP was supposed to be flush with cash?


D.Meyers said...

Well it was at least original, which is more than I can say for the likes of yours. Had it not been for the vile purple and yellow colours I would've sworn I was watching the BNP broadcast.

Besides, the BBC rejected the better one.

Vote Derek Bennett Walsall South said...

A vote for the BNP will be classed as a discredited vote as no one can take then seriously. This means a vote for the BNP will be a wasted vote.

Only voting for UKIP can we send a real message with impact - don't throw your vote away on the BNP and their rag-bag candidates.

D.Meyers said...

Mr Bennet - UKIP currently hold a number of seats in the European Parliament, and what has it achieved?

The BNP are growing - and fast!

Sporting And Stuff said...

Only voting for UKIP!!!
Keep Up Your Good Posting.

UKIP said...

D. Meyers -

1) If it wasn't for our 2004 success we forced Blair to pledge a referendum on the constitution. Unlikely Lib-Dems and Tories would have followed suit in the absence of UKIP threat.

2) We founded the Ind-Dem group to work with eurosceptics from across Europe to strenghten the eurosceptic position

3) We have put pressure on MPs by pledging to fight seats where the candidate has not signed up to BOO and not showed a consistend record of opposing EU integration

4) We have used the platform we gained to speak in the national media, at schools and universities, at public meetings, and to produce and deliver material (DVDs, etc) to help raise awareness of the benefits of leaving the EU.

5) We have tried to expose the arrogance of the political class in Europe, highlight the damage of EU legislation and the impotence of our MPs at Westminster.

6) We have got our first foothold in Westminster in the form of 2 Lords (and an MP?!), which is the first set on the ladder to independence.

Anonymous said...

bnp broadcast was bland as they couldn't discuss their real agenda - kicking darkies' heads in. They didn't even mention immigration and dishonestly kept going on about playgrounds and estate maintenance, though their leader was obviously disinterested in these things. They said they want to make this country a decent place to live. Of course they do. So does everyone, even Labour pigs.
Anyone inspired to vote BNp after that broadcast should see a priest as most normal people would think, 'jokers'.
@D. Meyers, you've been misinformed. Other parties are now told at the doorstep that UKIP is the way forward, not the sad tossers.
How would BNP run the country? would they only trade with 'white nations?' Are there any 'white nations'? What happens when blacks and Asians refuse to go 'voluntarily'. What would you do? Put us in a gas chamber? Do you think America and the rest of the world would keep quiet while that happens? Do you think people in Britain wish to live in a leper colony? Which is what this country would be with the BNP in charge. Lefties talk up the BNP to scare us into voting the status quo. Well, that trick aint working no more. Because the new game in town spells UKIP!!

Anonymous said...

Poll by YouGov puts BNP at 3%. It's an anonymous internet poll so people don't have to be reticent about voting intentions. The left just talks up these head cases to scare us all into voting the status quo. UKIP in same poll meanwhile has registered 19% after only 1 week's campaigning.