Saturday 16 May 2009

Good News for UKIP from

Mike Smithson, author of the famous and intelligent blog , has recently given a lot of attention to the upcoming European Elections, and is saying some very encouraging things in regards to UKIP!

After arguing yesterday that UKIP that UKIP were unlikely to perform as well on June 4th as they did in 2004 I’m afraid I’m going to have to eat my words. For while we were all putting the focus on YouGov’s 22% share for Labour in a general election we over-looked the figures from an EU election voting intention question as well.

He predicted a gain in momentum for UKIP after the most recent polls, musing:

What could happen is a repeat of the 2004 campaign when a similar poll from YouGov at about this stage created real traction for the party that wants us out of the EU completely.

He admits the possibility of UKIP reaching their goal of pushing Labour into third place, saying:

The possibility that Labour could end in third place is surely a real one. If that was the outcome it might have a big impact on Mr. Brown’s retirement planning.

In my betting I’ve now got a wager on UKIP to do better than Labour in terms of MEP seats won on the William Hill market.

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Mike Smithson's website has been very influential and like the rest of the political betting market is a strong indicator of the results in the real world. These good sentiments can only bode well for the United Kingdom Independence Party as they continue to run their strongest campaign ever!