Sunday 17 May 2009

A letter to UKIP from a eurofederalist

A student by the name of Jamie McConkey has written a letter to Nigel Farage on the CafeBabel website.

For those who haven't encountered CafeBabel, it is a website that hosts blogs written by all sorts of people with the aim of stimulating and developing European public opinion and claims to be the voice of the "euro-generation". In reality, it is a network of eurofederalists who write navel-gazing articles on how great the European Empire is. There is no voice of dissent on CafeBabel - I asked if I could write a eurosceptic blog on CafeBabel more than once when CafeBabel was newly launched and was ignored.

You can read McConkey's rambling propaganda piece on the CafeBabel website and my comment (which I expect to be deleted soon) is copied below:
Roughly a fifth of the population of the UK is currently unemployed and the cost of paying social security benefits to unemployed people far outweighs the "benefit" of an immigrant from the EU doing a job that a current unemployed resident of the UK could be doing.

The simple fact of the matter is that UKIP represents the views of the majority. In the most recent opinion poll on the subject of the UK's membership of the European Empire, 55% of those polled wanted the UK to leave. The other 45% were taken up with people who wanted a looser relationship, those who don't know, those who don't care and the minority that believe the propaganda that we benefit from being members of the the European Empire.

Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners - a political party cannot be afraid of anything and being sceptic about the "benefits" of being in the European Empire isn't a fear of European people. If you are inferring that Farage is afraid of foreigners, how do you explain him having a German wife and spending a few days out of every month in France or Belgium? I have a phobia of dentists and to see a dentist I have to be sedated. That's a phobia. Not believing eurofederalist propaganda isn't a phobia.

UKIP wants to withdraw the UK from a political union with the European Empire and maintain a free trade agreement as agreed in the only referendum ever held in the UK on what is now the EU. This is what the majority of people in the UK want. Eurofederalists that spread traitorous propaganda are poisonous anglophobes and a national disgrace.