Friday 15 May 2009

Message from Head Office to all members

Head Office would like to ask that, unless absolutely necessary, members try not to call Head Office until after the election.

Despite taking on more staff, UKIP's call centre is so inundated with enquiries and new membership applications at the moment that the calls are overflowing to Head Office and tying up the phone lines and staff there.

I'm sure we can all live with the inconvenience for a few weeks!


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Very good news and lets hope it continues. My banner is being erected as I write and it will be seen from the trains on the main SW line to Paddington.

I am also awaiting the blimp to arrive which flies 200 feet in the air and will also be seen from the railway and main Swindon Roads.

I think we all have a very good feeling about this election. Roll on June 4th.