Tuesday 26 May 2009

Motorcycle Madness

Some time ago the European Empire issued a directive on the content of motorcycle riding tests which the British government meekly accepted despite it costing millions of pounds to implement.

The directive dictated the speeds at which emergency stops and emergency manoeuvres must be carried out in kph rather than mph, meaning that the tests could no longer be legally taken on the roads and requiring millions to be spent on special motorcycle test tracks.

As if this wasn't bad enough, it now appears that despite warnings from the Motorcycle Action Group, the British government has allowed an emergency swerving manoeuvre to be added to the test which has resulted in 15 "incidents" in 3 and half weeks, leaving one rider with broken bones. The manoeuvre involves swerving around an object at 31.2mph (50kph) which the deputy chairman of the Driving Instructors Democratic Union says is dangerous and not something he would want to do even after 30 years of riding.

Utter madness.


Mark Wadsworth said...

As JuliaM said, they're keeping death off the roads by killing people in the testing centres.