Monday 25 May 2009

Royal Navy sees off Spaniards again

The Royal Navy saw off an armed Spanish boat from Gibraltarian waters on Saturday.

Spain has been encroaching on Gibraltar's territorial waters far too often of late, even going as far as registering Gibraltar's waters as a Spanish environmental protection zone which the European Empire were more than happy to allow them to do and the British government were stupidly negligent enough to allow them to do.

Last week a Royal Navy warship forced a Spanish paramilitary police launch out of Gibraltarian waters and on Saturday, another warship was dispatched to remove another Spanish boat that had been given instructions by the Spanish government to board fishing boats in Gibraltar's waters and carry out inspections.

Spain thinks it has the right to control Gibraltar's waters because the European Empire has allowed it to register the sea around Gibraltar as Spanish under EU environmental legislation. The British and Gibraltar governments both failed to notice so Spain was given responsibility for the environment in Gibraltarian territorial waters.

The facts around Gibraltar are quite simple - under the Treaty of Utrecht, Spain ceded Gibraltar to the UK in 1713 and under international law, the British government can claim up to 12 miles of sea from the Gibraltar coast. As it happens, the British government have claimed only 3 miles but the Spanish claim that Gibraltar has no territorial waters outside of the Port of Gibraltar.

Spain's actions are a deliberate provocation and the British government needs to buck its ideas up where Gibraltar is concerned. Spain's use of the European Empire as a tool in its illegitimate claim to Gibraltar and the European Empire's willingness to support Spain's campaign speaks volumes. We are in a political union with a country that is committing acts of war against us, aided and abetted by the collective will of that same political union.

Nigel Farage told Bloggers4UKIP:
UKIP fully supports the Gibraltarian right to self-determination. As of course we fully support the UK's right to such self-determination.

This means of course a rigorous adherence to the sovereignty and rights that Spain has already agreed with both Gibraltar and the UK. Which is what the Royal Navy was doing, chasing off Spanish ships from Gibraltar waters.

If only the government in Westminster were as assiduous in protecting our rights from their encroachment by Brussels.
UKIP played a key part in resisting the British government's plan to share sovereignty of Gibraltar with Spain, in defiance of the express wishes of the people of Gibraltar who voted in a referendum in 2002 to remain a British Overseas Territory and further re-iterated by a referendum on a new constitution that clearly set out Gibraltar's status in 2006.

Gibraltarians have the chance to vote for a party on June 4th that will fight for Gibraltar's right to self-determination and to free the territory from the treacherous European union that the British government has signed us all up to against our wishes. The only party that will protect Gibraltar's interests - and the interests of the UK as a whole - in the face of European imperialism is UKIP.


Steve Halden said...

The devil is in the detail.

Time and time again Britain has hailed a treaty, as a victory for British negotiators, only to find that hidden in the detail was a defeat.

This current problem with Gibraltar is just such a treaty defeat.

Britain signed and innocuous little treaty about environmental protection only to find that hidden in the detail, we have ceded some sort of sovereighty over Gibraltar, to Spain.

As we all know once powers have been given away to the EU, there has so far never been any example go getting those powers back again.

The devil is in the detail.