Sunday 31 May 2009

Stopping the BNP is something to be very proud of.

The old establishment has warned people simply to vote to stop them. The Greens have tried to put themselves forward as the party that can stop them in their tracks. The non-racist far-left who actually share many socialist policies with their fascist equivalent, are represented by the coalition No2EU, are screaming about the threat of elected BNP MEPs. Yet if the BNP are denied seats next week, it will be by and large thanks to UKIP.

It is not Labour, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems or the Greens who are going to sway those who are so disgusted with politics and politicians that they will consider voting BNP, not to do so. None of these parties dare mention the word immigration, the issue that the BNP have disgustingly yet effectively built support on. Not because it is such a touchy subject anymore. Opinion polls now reguarly shown the issue of who is entering and living in Britain to be in at least the top three of voters worries. Their hushed tone instead derives from their fear of two simple words: European Union.

As you have probably heard Nigel Farage say, it was only UKIP who voted against open borders with the whole of Eastern Europe. It was only UKIP who foresaw and challenged the flood of uncontrolled immigration into the UK. Millions came and as a result, those parties now feveriously trying to stop the BNP gaining seats - and at times doing so to an extent that over-exaggerates their chances of doing so - are the very ones to blame for the BNP's increase in support the past few years as a tide of immigration has hit communities. Hard workers, nice people, but in too vaster numbers for the local infrastructure to cope.

It is encouraging to see that the latest eruption of corruption in Westminster has seen UKIP's support balloon. It is rightfully and richly deserved. It was UKIP that dealt with its misbehaving politicians so very harshly before it was fashionable to do so. Yet apart from gaining many seats ourselves and ramming the issue of the EU down every Westminster MPs throats on June 7th when the results come out, let us hope that the BNP do not gain a single seat. They would be a stain on our country and our cause of calling from the UK to withdraw from the European Union. If they are stopped, as I believe they will be, it will be because a moderate, non-racist party has been there championing patriotism and not prejudice. And that is something to be very proud of indeed.

Michael is Chairman of Young Independence and has his own blog which can be found here.


Steve Halden said...

Lets not take our eye off the ball here the ones currently destroying democracy in Britain is the treacherous snouts-in-the-trough Lib/Lab/Con.

Between them they have passed 80% of our democracy over to the EU.

The Lisbon Treaty will pass even more when it is passed.

We want our democracy back !

UKIP wants democratic control returned to our parliamant at Westminster.

Johnson said...
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