Monday 8 June 2009

Labour Wipe out in the South West

UKIP have held two seats in the South-West (of England) EU Constituency it was announced in Poole at 1.16 am. Trevor Colman MEP and William, Earl of Dartmouth will take up the seats.

Conservative 468,742 30. (-1.3) = 4 seats

UK Independence Party 341,845 22.1 = 2 seats

Liberal Democrats 266,253 17.2 = 1 seat

Green Party 144,179 9.3 = 0 seat

Labour 118,716 7.7 = -1 seat


Steve Halden said...

I met William Earl of Dartmouth during the campaign.

I believe he will greatly add to the strength of the UKIP team.

He also seems to have a knack of getting on the TV, which could help UKIP in the general election.