Thursday 4 June 2009

UKIP preparing legal challenge to election result

UKIP has received hundreds of phone calls complaining that they can't vote UKIP because it isn't appearing on ballot papers.

UKIP is on all ballot papers but as parties are listed in alphabetical order, UKIP appears at the bottom. The problem is that election officials are folding the ballot papers into 3 or 4, voters are unfolding the papers only once not realising that there is more to the ballot paper and being presented with a shorter list of parties to vote for.

Because of the high number of complaints, UKIP is preparing a legal challenge to the result which may lead to the election having to be re-staged.

  • The Electoral Commission have already issued guidance to all returning officers that ballot papers should be handed to voters unfolded.
  • In some areas, just the UKIP box has been tightly folded so that the ballot paper appears not to have a UKIP option.
  • Anyone who has been issued a folded ballot paper should call UKIP on 08005876587 and leave their name, address and polling station details as evidence of unfair or fraudulent activity.


Anonymous said...

These people who couldn't unfold a ballot paper, what did they do in the end? Did they vote for another party, or leave without voting? Did they ask an official at the polling station to help them? You're allowed to help a voter identify a party they wish to vote for, on the ballot paper. As long as you don't tell the voter which party to choose. I think these people should be interviewed before a legal challenge as you don't want the party to look silly.
If they left without voting, they can return and cast their vote.

I'm more concerned about electronic counting. What effect does folding the ballot paper have on the machine's ability to read a mark on the paper?

Steve Halden said...

This is a deliberate attempt by the treacherous snouts-in-the-trough Lib/Lab/Con to damage UKIP's chances of winning seats in the EU Elections.

If the Lib/Lab/Con think we will do well, things will get a lot worse than this.

How low are they willing to sink to damage UKIP's electoral chances

wonkotsane said...

Don't know what they did - most of the folders are probably just doing it without malice but some of them are doing it deliberately, as the person who phoned to complain about ballot paper with just UKIP folder over can confirm.

Anonymous said...

Just voted - not to worry, when you're handed the folded paper, it falls open, and UKIP is visible. It's more the independents that are obscured. But if you're seeking your candidate, you'll see them.
Advise people to shake the paper open. That works.

Anonymous said...

Just voted in camden street London could not see UKIP on ballot paper so votex BNP after I voted I saw that there's was another smaller fold at the bottom. Feel cheated