Wednesday 3 June 2009

UKIP's immigration policy in layman's terms

UKIP has chosen, rightly or wrongly, to make immigration an issue in tomorrow's EU election - the only party other than the BNP to do so. Naturally, this has given the LibLabCon and the left wing media an opportunity to try and cast aspersions on UKIP and try and convince people that it's racist.

Obsessive and overpowering political correctness has already brainwashed hundreds of thousands of people into believing that talking about immigration is racist and wrong and many more have been scared into supressing their feelings on immigration for fear of being branded a racist. It's a social engineering exercise that must surely have George Orwell spinning in his grave so fast we could hook him up to the national grid and provide the country with free electricity.

The problem is, people see that UKIP is making an issue of immigration and assume - without actually reading the party's policy on immigration - that it's racist. It's not racist, it's quite simple:

The economy is in a shit state and unemployment is hovering around the 10% mark. There aren't enough jobs for the people already living here (whether they were born here or not) and there isn't enough money to pay people not to work. If there are no jobs for immigrants and we can't afford to pay them not to work, what is the point in them coming here? They may as well stay where they are or go somewhere else that can provide them with a job or pay them not to work.

After a 5 year ban of economic immigration, a points-based system will be introduced to allow immigration based on the potential immigrants' ability to get a job, useful skills and ability to speak the language.

Immigration controls will be applied to everyone equally, wherever they come from and regardless of colour, religion or nationality. While we are in the EU this is impossible because we aren't allowed to apply restrictions to the immigration of "EU citizens". This is why the points system that UKIP proposed and which Liebour have adopted as national policy won't work unless we leave the EU. Under Liebour's version of UKIP's points-based immigration system, the British government will be able place restrictions on a multi-millionaire businessman from Dubai but not on a one-legged goat farmer from Bulgaria. The multi-millionaire businessman from Dubai can be made to pay for medical treatment and deported if he doesn't pay taxes whilst the one-legged goat farmer from Bulgaria is entitled to use the NHS for free and claim unemployment and disability benefits despite never paying a penny into the system. The multi-millionare businessman from Dubai can be deported if his fortune disappears and he can no longer support himself whilst the one-legged goat farmer from Bulgaria has a right to live here and be supported by the taxpayer if he can't support himself.

There is nothing racist about a national government deciding who should and shouldn't be allowed to settle in their country. There is nothing racist with saying we cannot accommodate any more economic immigration whilst 10% of our workforce is unemployed. There is nothing racist about UKIP's immigration policy.


NameHere said...

It's so very annoying that people defend the status quo, and stifle debate on immigration by throwing around the 'racist card'.

UKIP has no problem with immigrants, no problem with migration, just a problem with huge level of immigration that has happened without the public even being given a choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm of African origin, born here. I live in an area laughingly referred to as the LibLabCon as 'multicultural'. In reality, Labour & Tories have given people of a certain religion dominance over all other people who live here. Recently, in the last 5 years we've had a lot of East Europeans move in. If you attend Catholic mass, you have to stand at the back of the church. If you've been catholic all of your life, forget about putting your child in the local catholic school. If you are ill and go to the GP the reception is so crowded you can't even sit down to wait for the doctor. Many friends of mine have been turned away from the local maternity unit as it's too full. I had to wait on a full bladder at my 20 week scan as many women who could not speak English were seen 1st as the interpreters needed to be paid. A white lady next to me also waiting for her scan kept crying quietly from the discomfort of having to wait too long for her scan. Her husband & mine started to talk about the madness of the situation we find ourselves in in this country. I went and made a complaint to reception, another Asian lady complained while all white people waited nervously not speaking, for fear of being branded 'racist'. Like your postmaster candidate, I've quite simply had enough of people who make everyone's life a misery by refusing to speak the language and integrate. UKIP says what many black and Asian people say everyday. Like you guys, we know the BNP is not the answer. Most sensible people know that talking about controlled immigration, as UKIP does, isn't the same as BNP talking about dropping people off planes over Africa should they win.
Youngsters can't get holiday jobs anymore, Mums can't work at the supermarket during the school day. There are just too many people chasing too few jobs. There's no social cohesion, no overt identity on any high street. If you go to America, you know you're amongst Americans. In this country, you don't know what country you live in anymore. We need a party to address these issues, without the stupidity of the BNP. UKIP is it.

Steve Halden said...

UKIP is a nonrecist, libertarian centre party.

The Politically Correct(PC)Brigade have tried to stop all dicussion about immigration for a generation.

Only UKIP has been brave enough to raise the issue of immigration.

We must not let the PC Brigade shackle UKIP and stop us discussing the issue of immigration.

Control over our borders has been handed over to the EU.

Britain can nolonger decide who can enter our country.

All 450 million EU citizens have a right to live here in Britian.

UKIP was right to make this an election issue.

We want our democracy back !