Friday 3 July 2009


The newly elected UKIP MEP for the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, has joined the Glenn Tingle, ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ campaign. David, who is also the Party’s Deputy Leader and Head of Policy, will be bringing new expertise to the campaign and will focus on highlighting the increasing range of key domestic policies UKIP has to offer.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: “We are ahead of the policy game in many ways. For instance, UKIP was calling for an independent panel to monitor MPs' expenses, more than a year ago. This is now Government policy and it is particularly relevant here in Norwich North, where the expenses issue has generated this by-election. I will also be tackling the subject of immigration, we are a non-racist, non-sectarian party but we are not afraid to talk in practical terms about this vitally important issue. It is about managing numbers - about space, not race.”

Parliamentary Candidate, Glenn Tingle, whose ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ billboards and kiosk posters are now visible all around the Constituency said: “David’s policy expertise is greatly appreciated, as I am keen to show the voters that we are a Party with fresh ideas and common sense policies. UKIP are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues, which are invariably the issues which most affect ordinary people.”

To help, call the Norwich North campaign office on 01603 412 643.