Thursday 2 July 2009

German Courts Suspend Lisbon Ratification

More bad news for the European Constitution aka Lisbon Treaty.

The German Constitutional Court has suspended the ratification process in that country as it says that the implementation of this treaty would have profound effects on democracy.

It "explicitly confirmed" that contrary to the outright lies told by people like Broon and Mandelson, this treaty does indeed transfer still more powers from the member states to the EU and goes way and beyond being simply, "....a tidying up exercise" as deceitful liars like Hain have claimed in the past......Or maybe they are just too thick to understand it. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

It is a shameful day when this great country has to rely on the constitutional courts of another country, whose constitutional arrangements we were largely the architects of, to protect us from the mendacity and lies of our own government.

When the people of this country elect a government they vest power to govern in that government for five years or less should that government so wish.

The power vested does not belong to that government. They only have a five year lease. When the five years is up they hand it back, intact, to the freehold owners......the people. It is not theirs to give to another party without consulting the freehold owners any more that a lessee and lessor of a property can enter into an arrangement that binds the reversion (the freeholder).

Thankfully the lies of Brown are being laid bare.....How much longer will we be compelled to put up with these people?(rhetorical question). They absolutely disgust me!


The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Given that 77% of the German people want a referendum and given that there is a German election in September one could be forgiven for thinking that the GCC have rather left the door open for a party to campaign on the back of a promise of a referendum, thus taking the heat off the GCC in declaring the LT incompatible with the German Constitution.

This of course could lead to a resurgence of the far right, if they promised such a Referendum, as unlike the British over countries as we saw in France will embrace such a proposition if they believe it's in the public interest to do so.