Wednesday 28 October 2009

EU calls for harmonisation of mobile broadband frequencies

The European Empire is targeting mobile phone companies again, this time proposing the harmonisation of mobile broadband frequencies to allow easier roaming and a wider reception from mobile phone masts.

Now, I don't have a problem with the suggested harmonisation per se and I would welcome - as I'm sure most people would - improved reception for mobile phones. But this will cost mobile phone companies millions, perhaps billions of pounds and it is the customer that will pay in the long run. And I have yet to figure out what harmonisation of mobile broadband frequencies has to do with a common market.

We've already had the one size fits all enforced price cuts on roaming charges which benefit only a tiny minority of English people as we spend much less time in EU countries than people on the continent do and the cost of that has been passed on to customers in the form of longer contracts and higher costs for extras.

Mobile phone companies will no doubt be all for a harmonised mobile phone system across the continent because it will be cheaper to maintain and administer and ultimately increase the opportunity to make money out of more people but they will want to do it on their own terms and more importantly, as a company with shareholders, they'll want to make money out of it. EU interference will force mobile phone companies to adopt a solution they might not want at a time the EU dictates and on terms the EU decides.


Vindico said...

There is good reason for spectrum harmonisation. But the fact remains this could be handled via separate multilateral treaty on spectrum.

Steve Halden said...

Yet more laws gushing out of the European Union, controlling every aspect of our lives.

Unknown said...

there is agood reason to specrum harmonisation. seprate wify and multimedia.