Friday 9 October 2009

King Tony of EU, or Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain?

Lifted from UKIPTV:



Steve Halden said...

This is an excellent video and well worth the three minutes it takes to listen to it.

The is Nigel Farage at his very best.

The Irish have had two votes.

One No.

One Yes.

Surely that is a draw of one all.

We should now have a decider.

To make it the best of three.

Steve Halden said...

The first time I clicked on this video Nigel Farage started speaking.

The second time I clicked on this video it was someone else, that I did not recognise.

It is only one and a half minutes long, and the speaker is very good.

He is suggesting that the nominated President of Europe would actually rank higher than the Queen.

This is because EU Law overrides national law.