Friday 11 December 2009

Diplomatically incompetent, economically illiterate

Gordon Brown has plumbed new depths of diplomatic incompetence and financial illiteracy with the announcement that the UK will contribute £1.5bn to a £6.5bn fund for "poor" nations to combat climate change.

The pre-budget report this week set out the bleak outlook for the economy - taxes are going up, £30bn of extra pre-election vote buying, tens of billions of pounds of extra borrowing - but the chosen one has found a spare £1.5bn down the back of the sofa in Number 10 to spend on adverts showing drowning puppies and polar bears in the Seychelles.

But setting aside the idiocy of borrowing £1.5bn to give away to some corrupt, third world tinpot dictatorship to spend on guns and gold plated Mercedes, why are we paying one fifth of the amount being pledged in the name of the European Empire when there are another 26 member states who are supposedly out of recession?  No wonder the economy is in such a state when the person holding the purse strings thinks 6½ divided by 27 is 1½.


Tim Johnston said...

I wonder will these "developing nations" (which include CHINA - haven't they already siphoned off all our industry?) will be kind enough to

a) please stop sending us all their citizens, who add substantially to our carefully balanced populations in Western countries and thus add significantly to carbon emissions - perhaps they could even take some back? - and

b) consider NOT allowing their own populations to spiral out of control.

If the money is used towards these goals, then maybe it's worth it ...

Steve Halden said...

Britain seems to be paying more than its fair share of the costs for this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that China is reluctant to buy UK debt with the value of the £ and the country's credit rating in doubt?

Rumours abound that on 3rd and 4th of December, delegations led by the Chinese descended on the US to demand an agreement on these issues. Rumour has it that they won.

Has Brown's arm been twisted? How much will Obama be offering?

Angry Old Git said...

I hate to disagree with your 'economically illiterate' tag. Brown hasn't brought us to the edge of bankrupcy through incompetence, but by design.

The entire EU project is to form a new and extended socialist block, achieved not by force but by subversion from within.

Gordon Brown was chosen by the Russian Agent, Jack Jones, Kinnock asked Russian President Gorbichav for help in defeating Maggie Thatcher.

Kinnock Blair, Brown and every Labour leader, and almost every Labour Minister and 300 Labour MP's are members of the Fabian Society, which believes in achieving socialism by subversion.

As for the £1.5 billion pledged to aid small countries reduce their CO2 emissions, replace the word 'aid' with force and you will have the truth of it.

However, if UKIP have the balls, and I suspect they may well have, they could do worse than look at the High Court Ruling on showing Al Gore's sci/fi horror film, 'An Inconvenient Truth.'

Amongst the errors that must be pointed out to children being brainwashed by the film, are two that brand, Brown, Milliband and his cronies as liars and thieves.

1. The oceans will not rise by 7 metres, but could if the present warming trend continues, which it hasn't, rise up to 40cm in a hundred years.

2. The 650,000 year old ice cores show the opposite to what Al Gore claimed in the film. It is not CO2 level that force higher global temperatures, but global temperatures that force parallel rises in CO2 levels 800 - 2,000 years later.

It does not take a genius to conclude that today's atmospheric CO2 levels must be the result of identiocal global temperatures, 800 - 2,000 years earlier. i.e. The Medival Warm Period.

All CO2 emission taxes are a barefaced swindle.

One way to scupper the EU is to bankrupt it and this is how UKIP could do it. They apply for an High Court Order banning the Treasury from making any payments to the EU until its accounts are passed by the independent auditors. Darling has a duty of care towards the taxpayers, and must ensure that our taxes are not embezzled by the EUMO thieves.