Tuesday 15 December 2009

English Democrats PPC Defects to UKIP

The English Democrats PPC for Broxbourne (Hertfordshire) has recently switched to UKIP. Below he explains why

Why I Am Moving over To UKIP because I Feel The English Democrats Are Doomed To Fail

Back in the early part of this year i really felt i needed to stand up and be counted rather than sit back and be an armchair politician..But not really wanting to join any of the main stream i felt confussed.Then i came across a party called the English Democrats that shared all my concerns but with out the hate or prejudice of parties like the BNP.

Tough on Immigration.
reinstate the identity of the English.
Create a Parliament for the English.
It all sounded good to me.

After getting a bit more familiar with the party i started to notice the cracks i started to come across some of the comments left by one of the Lead members called Steve Uncles where he sounded more like a child in a playground than a potential politician.

Then there was the Doncaster mayor Peter Davis who was elected well i broadly agreed with his ideas of eradicating Political Correctness ect..
But then there was the policies of stop funding for the Gay Pride march…I thought why should we fund it but he was prepared to upset so many people all to save £3000 yes £3000 the amount of business that would be generated by the march would have easy covered the £3000.

Well later down the line they took on board an Ex member of the BNP the very party i wanted to oppose now i am going to stand side by side with him morally i just can’t do it….

I became an MP candidate for Broxbourne and i never ever met a soul from the party that is their vetting process so every Tom Dick or Harry can stand for them..Don’t get me wrong i do feel the party has some very good and genuine members that should take control and not let the party be run by the loonies that are more vocal.

I voiced my concerns a few times to Robin Tilbrook but only to fall on Deaf Ears i don’t think its that he don’t want to do any thing its that he can’t. The English Democrats are not a real political option they are a mixed bag of people who have no political Knowledge and just run their campaign on being patriotic


Steve Halden said...

I have done a small amount of research into the English Democrats.

The only difference I can find with UKIP so far, is that they want an English assembly along a similar line to the Scottish and Welsh assemblies.

Their policies seem quite sound at first glance.

The problem with splitting the anti-EU vote is that it divides the support, and could prevent UKIP MPs getting elected to the Westminster Parliament in Britain.

ukipwebmaster said...

MEP portal now live guys:


Yasin Akgun said...

I wonder whether the resigned person would have taken the same issue if the mayor of doncaster wanted to stop funding for an Islam Pride march. Same thing would have applied, people would have been pissed off, but so what?

Councils shouldnt be funding divisive things, regardless of who they annoy or offend.

Gerrard Batten MEP has more or less said the same thing

Anonymous said...

English Democrats speak a lot of common sense especially the Mayor of Doncaster. You can't fund something no one wants and is just PC nonsense just because it'll generate revenue. That's LibLabCon thinking - anything for a fast buck, never mind the corrosive and divisive effects on society. I'm African and I hate the existence of things like Black Police Officers' association, black this and ethnic that. I even think on forms you shouldn't be asked to fill an 'ethnic monitoring questionnaire'. To be treated as truly equal, we should all be human, end of. Steve Halden's view is 100% accurate. I really wish UKIP would directly address the English parliament issue and indeed, the two parties should merge.
As Steve Halden points out, the anti EU vote shouldn't be split and the common sense pro British view shouldn't be split as well. UKIP would do so well in England once the English devolution question is fully addressed. And it's irrelevant that Lord Pearson is Scottish, despite the complaint of an ex UKIP PPC who defected to the English Democrats about Pearson's ethnic origins.

Anonymous said...

The defector is also worried English Dems aren't professional enough. Well, the charm of UKIP and English Dems is they're just ordinary people moved by their patriotism and love of this sceptred isle. We've had enough of professional politicians. Why shouldn't any Tom Dick or Harry stand? It's govt of the people by the people isn't it? UKIP has more or less the same attitudes to candidates, hence people like me LOVE UKIP.
Perhaps the defector should've gone to the Tories or New Lab?
Anyway, merry Christmas all and a happy and successful 2010.

Webmaster said...
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Webmaster said...
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Webmaster said...

I vote the English Democrats for many reasons but the more important for me are:

1st- They are the only patriotic party that is not racist.

2nd- They think it should not be a public-funding issue the homosexuality-gay-trans gender or whoever you meet in your bed.

3rd- The standing for an English Parliament in the same way the rest of the UK has their own representation.

4th- To study in England is very expensive but IGNORANCE can cost you more.

5th- They admit Saint George (the one who created the actual English flag,(red cross on a white field) was Turkish, this is known by all the research done about the life of this Saint in all the early versions known and unknown, and not the Shakespearian version you want to see, on top of that he was married with an Egyptian princess, I guess she was black!they had three children, Saint George died on 23 of April 303 ac, arrested and killed as he was accused for being against the roman "draconian laws" of that time under Diocletian roman emperor.

Cheer up under the English flag as it was chosen by an English King many years after Saint George died m the flag was chosen as a symbol to Unite England! this is why Saint George was named the the Uniter.

I guess that all of you living under a Labor Government who promotes whiskey and 68 hours a week of hard work, no one of you have time to study for all the comments I see here it seems that you read chips!

The English Democrats are the smarter, decent, moral, people I found in a political party, they are the only real people who represent the real England! At least they know what they are talking about, when and where!

Hope they never fall in the far right!

I said!
12 February 2010 05:33

Webmaster said...

English Democrats professionals? What you are talking about, all of them have university degrees in many different fields and loads of research in politics, also they got one thing that you haven't and it is that they are Democrats= a political government either carried out directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (Representative democracy).