Sunday 27 December 2009


To all UKIP supporters,

A Facebook group just changed the Xmas number 1 record in this country by giving a means to rebel against the person apparently running things to Indie (Independent) fans who felt that they were being ignored by the establishment in this country and their voice was not being heard on TV or in the music charts (read votes or polls). Does any of this resonate with our situation? We have seen the power of the internet, now let's try and make this technology work for us!

Please click the below link to join this new facebook group:

As we can't protest by buying an .mp3 from the Internet, we are asking everyone to call the BBC over the Xmas period and make an official complaint to the BBC that only 3 leaders are being included in the 2010 TV debate, despite UKIP beating 2 out of 3 of the included parties in the most recent national election.

In the past a few phone complaint phone calls to the BBC have produced a massive reaction and by doing it over a period when staff are taking leave, it should really put a spanner in their works and make the whole protest even more difficult to ignore!

The phone number to ring is 03 700 100 222.

Insist on making an official complaint, make them take your details and ask that you get a proper response within a week!

If you don't have time to make the call on Xmas Day itself, then please call on Boxing Day or the Sunday for maximum impact.