Friday 11 December 2009

Sunday Sport: UKIP Bus in South Pole

SPECULATION is rife that a missing campaign bus belonging to the UK Independence Party has been dumped in the SOUTH POLE.

The double decker battle bus, which was used to rally support,went AWOL in July and hasn’t been seen since.

Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, contacted us for help in finding the 1997 Leyland Atlantean A111 HLV, which once served Merseyside’s public transport links.

And we’re asking YOU, our loyal army of readers, to help us track down the vanished vehicle.

Mike, 63, believes that thieves may have hidden the bus in the Antarctic –– just like in one of Sunday Sport’s most iconic exclusives.

He said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned up in the South Pole –– just like that bus you guys found there in the 1980s.”

Mike thinks aliens may have snatched the bus, just like what happened last time.

In February, 1989, we shocked the world and scooped the opposition when we broke the story of a bus found buried at the South Pole.

And we’ve mocked up this incredible picture to show what the UKIP bus may look like there –– and a few other places it could be.

Mike added: “I don’t know who to blame –– our political enemies, a gang of international bus thieves or ALIENS.

“Those crafty spacemen would certainly have the neccessary technology to transport our bus to the Antartic.

“I’m asking Sunday Sport readers to please keep their eyes peeled for our double decker and let your news desk know if they spot it.”

Hmmm.  Now, I could be wrong but I suspect the UKIP battle bus probably isn't at the south pole!

Apologies for spoiling the pictures of the two young ladies but this is a reputable website.  The originals are available on request if you'd rather look at two pairs of boobs rather than the pair of tits they've been censored with.


Anonymous said...

LOL! - Linking here:

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I saw Elvis driving the UKIP bus on the moon! Bob Marley was his passenger as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton a big pair of tits !

Jimmy said...

The right way round: