Tuesday 12 January 2010

Defections Just Keep On Coming - London Cllr Joins UKIP

An outspoken councillor switch in allegiances shook up Sutton Borough Council politics today. St Helier Councillor David Theobald quit as an Independent to join UKIP.

The move means UKIP now have a total of two councillors in the Borough as he joins fellow colleague, Belmont UKIP Cllr David Pickles. Cllr Theobald, 51, said: “I do not perceive UKIP as a party of the right, left or centre, but see it as a broad spectrum and I will continue to exercise my moderate left of centre ethics.

“I have enjoyed many debates and conversations with Cllr Pickles over the past few years and have found that, despite opposing views on some issues we can always find common ground and a viable road forward”.

Frank Day, chairman of UKIP Sutton Borough branch, who is the parliamentary candidate for Carshalton and Wallington at the coming general election, said he was “delighted at the news”.


Steve Halden said...

More good news for UKIP. These new people joining UKIP mean good publiicity for UKIP, just as our General Election Campaign 2010 is moving into top gear.

Councillor Peter Lucas said...

This is excellent, that's 2 councillors crossing the floor to UKIP just this week, and brings us to a total of 22 new councillors since June last year.

Onwards and upwards!