Tuesday 19 January 2010

James Pryor joins UKIP as campaign co-ordinator

James Pryor has been appointed as UKIP's campaign co-ordinator.

Pryor was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister and like many Tories at the time, left the Conservative Party to join the fledgling Referendum Party.  And like so many Tories nowadays, has joined UKIP.

As a party we've cracked EU elections, the number of UKIP councillors is increasing almost on a weekly basis and we have two UKIP peers in the House of Lords but if we are ever going to leave this corrupt, hugely expensive and undemocratic European Empire we need to fight the LibLabCon from inside the House of Commons with UKIP MPs.  We can't rely on the electorate's distrust and disappointment with the LibLabCon to put UKIP MPs in Westminster, we have to fight a professional and sustained election campaign from now right up until the day of the election.

The general consensus is that the general election will be held on May 6th, allowing Labour to spend taxpayers money on their election campaign with a giveaway bonanza budget in April.  Pryor will be starting work on the election campaign straight away devising strategy and policy.


Darren said...

Good to see, seems to have a good record. Though I would like to see the results of these various campaigns he has been involved in.

The Pub Consultancy Service said...


You are not likely to from any official UKIP source.

His involvement if an African campaign resulted in the halving of the vote for the party he represented.

Anonymous said...

Policies win elections not campaigns. As for you Bob Feal-martinez, I get the increasing suspicion that far from being a supporter of UKIP you're just another troll dishonestly styling himself as a supposed UKIP supporter.

Steve Halden said...

This is good news for UKIP. We now have someone at the helm of this mighty ship.

Lets go full speed ahead for victory.

Lets not start navel gazing, and wondering if we have the right man for the job, by carefully disecting his CV.

James Pryor is the UKIP campaign co-ordinator for the 2010 election, and thats that.

We should be naval gazing in admiration and wonder, that this might ship is at last on the move.

Lets hope he steers us into the centre of a giant naval battle, all guns blazing. I can smell the scent of gunpowder already.

Lets all get our there and sink a few Lib/Lab/Con MPs, and watch as their careers sink without trace to the bottom of he deep blue sea.

Animal Magic said...

If you got Lord Tebbit on board then that would be a real achievement.

Baron Prior, of Brampton in the County of Suffolk was one of Thatcher's "cabinet wets" who was awarded the NI job for his wetness. Can't see him achieving very much especially as he must now be well into his eighties!

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

Anonymous, what more needs to be said.

As for Mr Halden all that needs to be said, has been by his branch committee. Let's hope campaigning doesn't mean leaving Swindon.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:47 - UKIP head office told me Bob Feal-Martinez has left the party. Is this true, Bob?

wonkotsane said...

Prole, why would head office divulge that sort of information? If you can't put a name to statements like that, take them with a pinch of salt.