Tuesday 16 March 2010

Ireland furious they were duped to get a Yes referendum vote - We told you so!

After the first Irish referendum, the Irish were promised that they would not have to vote again if the EU didn't like their answer the first time. Well, they lied.

When the Irish were told to vote again, they were also told that they voted No the first time because they didn't understand the Lisbon Treaty, so the politicians would have to explain it to them.  Pass the sick bag.  That's a politician's usual mantra when wanting to ride roughshod over public opinion.

Why didn't they understand the Lisbon Treaty?  Because it was deliberately made unreadable by the EUdeceivers , as Amato, quite clearly, said so himself. The Irish paid no heed.

Before the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, we eurosceptic bloggers tirelessly warned the Irish not to trust the EU's 'guarantees' - that they were worthless because they would not be encoded into the Lisbon Treaty.

Accountancy Age reveals that the Irish are now furious that they have been deceived over the EU's tax plans:
Plans for a flat rate of corporation tax across Europe have been panned [Ed: not "panned", not "planned"] by Ireland.

EU taxation commissioner Algirdas Semeta floated a plan last week to bring in a common consolidated corporate tax base which would make taxes on businesses the same across Europe.
See, Ireland? They lied.

Detractors say this has come just months after EU mandarins promised there would be no fiscal changes in the pipeline which would affect Ireland.

Dana Rosemary Scallan, a No campaigner against the Lisbon Treaty told the Sunday Mirror: "A common tax rate was always the intention of the EU. Unfortunately, the eurocrats lie and they lied to us about that tax guarantee.

"Anyone who raised concerns about this was branded a scaremongerer. I hate to keep saying 'I told you so', but I've been warning this was coming since 1999. We've been deceived by Europe."
Yes, we told you so, too.

How will Ireland recovery now?  Will it face being run by the EU, like Greece?

Perhaps, Ireland, you should have listened to Nigel Farage and UKIP - the few honest politicians we have.