Friday 23 April 2010

UKIP candidate standing against Nikki Sinclaire

The Birmingham Post is reporting on the fact that UKIP is standing a candidate in the general election against their "own MEP", Nikki Sinclaire.

It's a bit of an unusual situation this, not something that happens very often for any party.  Nikki Sinclaire is, as far as I'm aware, still a member of UKIP but she's no longer a UKIP MEP.  She isn't allowed to stand as a UKIP candidate or use the UKIP name or logo and is standing for election in Meriden for the Solihull and Meriden Residents Association.

While it's true that Nikki is a committed eurosceptic, it would be inconsistent to stand aside for her as the party has for a handful of others, such as Bob Spink and Stuart Wheeler.  There are BNP and English Democrat candidates in most of the seats UKIP is contesting and both parties are eurosceptic but there is no suggestion of standing aside for their candidates.

Nikki's not a UKIP MEP, she's not a UKIP PPC and she's no more likely to win an election than the BNP or English Democrats so is there a reason why UKIP shouldn't field a candidate against her?  It will no doubt cause ripples in her local UKIP branch and put a few noses out of joint amongst her dwindling band of supporters but is that a good enough reason not to stand a candidate against her?

My initial thoughts were "what the hell are we doing?".  Now I'm thinking "why not?".

Incidentally, the Libertarian Party (former UKIPper, Chris Mounsey, is their leader) is endorsing Nikki.  I wonder whose idea that was and at what price.