Wednesday 28 April 2010

Who is the Real Bigot Gordon?

Gordon Brown scored a massive own goal today, by demonstrating his “other side” yet again. After meeting Gillian Duffy in Rochdale, who challenged him over the number of eastern European immigrants in the town, he was clearly heard to refer to her as a “bigoted woman” once back in his car. This from the man whose party has said it is important to talk about immigration.

The thing is, New Labour have made it really difficult for anyone to bring up the subject of immigration for fear of being labelled a racist. They have in fact, suppressed any really open and honest debate about contentious issues in general, such as immigration, EU membership, religion, sexuality the list goes on. This is all done in the name of so-called equality and political correctness.

Well Mr Brown, Lets see how you fair with political correctness shall we?

From the Oxford English Dictionary the term political correctness:

“the avoidance of terms or behaviour considered to be discriminatory or offensive to certain groups of people”

While we are at it:
Here is the term bigot from the same dictionary:

“a person who is prejudiced in their views and intolerant of the opinions of others”

So Gordon scored well here didn’t he? Calling Gillian Duffy a bigot is offensive to the very group of people she represents, the older, white, traditionally Labour supporting group. Own goal number one, that's political correctness gone.

Then there is the question of who the real bigot is? Gillian Duffy for simply expressing her views, or Gordon Brown for being intolerant of other peoples views? That’s the second own goal. Worse for Gordon Brown though, is that this is clear evidence that he has a prejudice against people who don’t agree with him. Which means he is going to be really pissed off on May 7th isn’t he?