Thursday 5 August 2010

NEC Elections

This week's Independence magazine is accompanied by a ballot paper for elections to the National Executive Council - a whole side of A4 paper!

A bumper crop of 37 people have put themselves forward for election onto the NEC:

Charles DodmanChristopher PainDavid Black
David CoburnDavid DuxburyDavid Macey
David RowlandsDerek EvansDonald Mackay
Elizabeth BurtonGeorge CurtisHilary Jones
Hugh WilliamsJames MoyiesJill Seymour
Jim MacarthurJohn HarrisonJulia Reid
Kathleen GarnerLee SlaughterLouise Bours
Marilyn SwainMarion MasonMichael McGough
Mike HookemNigel CarterPaul Henke
Paula DalyRalph AtkinsonRay Finch
Rob McWhirterSteve AllisonSteve Povey
Terry DurranceToby MicklethwaitTony McIntyre
Winston McKenzie

Well done to all the current NEC members who are asking to stay on and to the new candidates that have put their head above the parapet rather than skulking in the corner complaining about the leadership of the party.

NEC candidates aren't allowed to actively campaign during the election but they can answer questions so we are offering all candidates a brief interview which will be posted here on Bloggers4UKIP.  The first one will be posted here shortly.