Saturday 21 August 2010

Paul Nuttall won't stand for UKIP leadership

Paul Nuttall has announced on his blog that he won't be standing in the leadership election resulting from Lord Pearson's resignation.

While I can understand his reasons, I'm very disappointed. In my opinion he's the only prominent figure in the party that could rival Nigel Farage for attracting the attention of the media. He's young, he's ambitious, he looks and sounds good on the tell. In a nutshell (or a Nutallshell if you'll excuse the terrible pun) he's exactly what we need.

The bookies favourite so far is David Campbell Bannerman. A competent politician but leadership material? Full of good ideas (abominal Restoring Britishness policy excepted) but is he media friendly? You can be the best politician in the world but if you don't look good in front in front of a camera you may as well be Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy or Gordon Brown or some other dreary nobody.