Sunday 26 September 2010

Competition time!

Earlier today I sent the following message to members of the Bloggers4UKIP Facebook group:
Bloggers4UKIP has been ticking over nicely for just over 2 years and getting about 5,000 page views per month. We have 122 Google Connect followers and is visited regularly by academics and the EU Parliament.

What we need is more members and supporters to contribute to the blog - most of the content is still written by me and I never intended Bloggers4UKIP to be a full time blog for me!

Here's how it works at Bloggers4UKIP in a nutshell: I am an administrator, not an editor and as long as you don't say anything that is likely to get me sued then pretty much anything goes as long as it's relevant.

I am currently trying to arrange an independently judged competition for the best article written for Bloggers4UKIP during October to mark our 2nd anniversary (Bloggers4UKIP's birthday was a couple of weeks ago) so if you want in, get in touch through Facebook, via Twitter (@bloggers4UKIP) or the contact page on Bloggers4UKIP.

Now the second part of the message: following Bloggers4UKIP.

As I said, there are 122 Goggle Connect followers of Bloggers4UKIP which is a fantastic show of support but 150 would be nice! You can follow Bloggers4UKIP by clicking the Follow button under the picture of David Cameron on the right hand side of the blog.

You can also follow Bloggers4UKIP on Twitter - @bloggers4ukip.

One final following opportunity - Networked Blogs on Facebook. Why not show your support by following Bloggers4UKIP on Facebook. We only have 7 followers on Networked Blogs as it's only been promoted for a couple of weeks.
We now have 124 followers on Google Connect, 8 followers on Networked Blogs and we've had an extra couple of followers on Twitter and an offer to write for Bloggers4UKIP.  Thanks to those readers who have decided to follow us!

Now for the competition I mentioned above:

Several people are already signed up to write for Bloggers4UKIP and there has been an offer already today to write for the blog.  During the month of October I am inviting new contributors to come forward and write for Bloggers4UKIP.  The fine details need to be worked out but one post per contributor written between the 1st and 22nd of October (by anyone but me) will be sent to Nigel Farage and the author of the post he likes the most will receive a signed copy of his book, Fighting Bull.