Tuesday 7 September 2010

ConDem's agree to EU scrutiny of UK budget

Three months ago to the day, EU insists on vetting UK budget before parliament ...
Mr Cameron will further set the tone of the relationship today when he tells the former Belgian Prime Minister that Britain will refuse to send its Budget plans to Brussels before being announced in Parliament.

- The Times, 7th June 2010
EU finance ministers have moved closer to agreeing to allow other governments to study their annual budgets before they are seen by national parliaments.

The UK government said it would reject this plan, but EU officials said a compromise had been worked out.

- BBC, 8th June 2010
The budget will be presented to Parliament first. There is no question of anyone other than MPs seeing it first. Once the Chancellor has presented it to Parliament, it is of course publicly available.

- Mark Hoban MP, Financial Secretary, HM Treasury, 8th June 2010
Starting next year, the 27 European Union members will have to submit their proposed budgets to the EU in advance, so that Brussels can scrutinize their plans before they take effect.

- Deutsche Welle, 7th September 2010
Just to clarify: the EU, which hasn't had its own budget signed off for 13 years in a row by its own internal auditors, will scrutinise and revise the budgets of national governments.

Sadly, the previous Liebour government repealed the death penalty for Treason.  You can read the full story on how the deceitful ConDem coalition have agreed to illegally submit the UK budget to the European Empire before submitting it to Parliament here.