Tuesday 2 November 2010

Cameron caves in again - voting rights for prisoners

David Camoron, the vichy Prime Minister, has caved in to the EU for the second time in less than a week, saying that we have no choice but to give prisoners the right to vote.

The EU Court of Human Rights ruled some time ago that it was a breach of EU law to deny prisoners the right to vote and demanded that the 140 year old ban on prisoners voting is repealed.

This is the ideal opportunity for Camoron to rush through his Sovereignty Bill which "Reaffirm[s] the sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament" and means that there is no need to be "exasperated" and "furious" at there being no choice but to comply with the ruling of a foreign court.  But rather than rush the Sovereignty Bill through Parliament, reaffirm the sovereignty of the UK Parliament and tell the EU that our own laws are more important than theirs, he has instead reaffirmed the supremacy of the European Empire.

Last week Camoron caved in on the EU budget before he even started negotiations on reducing or freezing it as he'd promised.  This week he's caved in on prisoners voting rights and in the last couple of months he's caved in on an EU financial regulator, caved in on the EU vetting our budget before it's presented to Parliament, caved in on the EU fining national governments that borrow more money than the EU says they can, caved in on the EU diplomatic corps, caved in on the Franco-German demands for a new treaty to give the EU more powers over member states' economies and caved in on the EU immigration deal with India.  Did I miss any?

All of these could be stopped if the Sovereignty Bill was law but there is simply no appetite in the ConDem ruling elite to stem the loss of sovereignty to the EU and that's why the Sovereignty Bill will only become law once a permanent transfer of sovereignty has already taken place, if at all.