Thursday 16 May 2013

Cameron fails to stop £6.2bn EU budget increase

Someone's been practising their angry face
David Cameron's Cast Iron Guarantee™ to cut the EU budget was shown to be as worthless as his Cast Iron Guarantee™ to hold an EU referendum after almost every EU finance minister voted for a £6.2bn increase in the EU budget.

Thanks to Cameron agreeing to increase the percentage of the EU budget we pay to cover the cost of bringing in destitute eastern European we've got to pay a massive £14.7bn into the EU budget this year - an increase of £770m (nearly 13% of the increase in the budget).

Back in October last year, after Cameron said he would use the veto to oppose any "outrageous" budget demands from the EU we said don't be surprised if the 6.85% increase the EU Commission is demanding is just shy of "outrageous".  With the extra £6.2bn added to this year's budget, it's a 6.8% increase over last year's and is Cameron wielding the veto?  Is he buggery.

Cameron was no more serious about opposing the EU Commission's demands than he is about holding an EU referendum and if he can't even get the Greeks to agree to pay less money into the EU how on earth does he expect to secure the unanimous agreement of every EU member state to sign a new treaty allowing the UK to take powers back off the EU?  How can anyone take this clown seriously?