Monday 27 May 2013

Farage suggests he could do a deal with 20 "eurosceptic" MPs

Nigel Farage has said that he could do a deal with 20 "eurosceptic" MPs for the next election which would see them standing on a joint UKIP/Conservative ticket.

David Cameron has already made it clear that he won't allow this to happen so it's pretty academic unless he gets deposed before the next election but there's an important principal at stake: UKIP is a political party, our job is to win elections not just campaign to leave the EU.

We've only just started throwing off the "single issue" label that's plagued us for years and here we are contemplating standing aside once again for MPs that claim to be eurosceptic but prop up pro-EU parties.  We have a full manifesto and leaving the EU is just one of our policies so why isn't someone suggesting we stand aside for MPs that support tougher immigration controls or advocate a flat tax?