Friday 3 May 2013

UKIP gains 42 seats overnight, could tip over 200 today

First the ignored us,
then they laughed at us,
then they attacked us,
then we won
With just 7 of 34 councils declared the results for UKIP are surpassing all expectations - we are currently level pegging with Labour on 42 seats and have deprived the Tories of control of one council.

The Tories have so far lost 66 of their sitting councillors, the Lib Dems have lost 15, Labour have gained 30 and UKIP have gone from zero to 42.

UKIP is now the official opposition on Lincolnshire County Council which the Tories have lost to no overall control.  We have gone from no councillors to 16 which is frankly astonishing.  The Tories have also lost Gloucestershire County Council to no overall control with UKIP's 3 new councillors being one short of being king makers.

In Somerset we have gone from zero to 3 councillors, one in Dorset, 10 in Hampshire and 9 in Essex.  We haven't won any seats in the Conservative heartland of Hertfordshire yet but not all seats have been declared.

We are not just winning seats, we are winning big and with 26 councils still left to declare the 100+ seat predictions of some that looked like pie in the sky just a few days ago look to be a big underestimation!