Monday 20 May 2013

UKIP now 2% behind the Conservatives in latest Survation Poll

How Has Political Opinion Changed Since Before The Local Elections? Fieldwork May 17th-18th

Fieldwork May 17th – 18th
General Election Voting Intention, Change Since Survation poll May 1st
Conservative: 24% (-5)
Labour: 35% (-1)
Liberal Democrat: 11% (-1)
UKIP: 22% (+6)
Other: 8% (nc)
European Election Voting Intentions, Change Since Survation poll Jan 5th
Conservative: 20% (-4)
Labour: 31% (nc)
UKIP: 30% (+8)
Liberal Democrat: 8% (-3)
Green: 6% (nc)
Other: 5% (-1)
EU Referendum Voting Intention, Change Since 25th January
Stay: 36% (nc)
Leave: 50% (nc)
Don’t know: 14% (+1)
This is the first national opinion poll post the allegations of a senior Conservative party member’s “insulting” of local Conservative associations. The figure of 24% for the Conservatives is the lowest (by 1%) of any pollster this cycle and a record low for Survation. Although difficult to be exact, UKIP’s rise in European Election fortunes would likely give them the most seats in the European parliament of any UK party.
Full tables can be found here:
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