Friday 14 June 2013

Scottish Independence - I oppose it even though it would be good for English economy.

I support the union 100% - my birthright, being UK born,  is to have free movement and equal treatment anywhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (unfortunately not in Southern Ireland though).

That said, Scotland's independence is out of my hands, it is up to the people currently living in Scotland to vote on it in a referendum next year. Note it is people currently living in Scotland not just (nor all) Scots as many Scots don't currently live in Scotland, and many of the people living in Scotland are not Scots...

If Scotland do get independence, what I would like England's Government to do is:

1) Require all Scots (as non EU citizens) to have visas for being in the UK.

Work visas only issued if an UK(/EU) citizen provably cannot do the job. This would free up many jobs in the UK and so reduced our unemployment substantially at little cost to the UK.

2) Put the maximum possible tariffs on Scottish goods.

England is Scotland's primary export market, with imports blocked, the goods services provided by Scottish companies would have to relocate south of the new border - bringing a massive boost to English manufacturing and services (especially in the North) at little cost to the UK.

3) Veto any Scottish application for EU membership.

To ensure the benefits set out above come to fruition, there would have to be no doubt that Scotland would never be a member of the EU while England remains a member.

It is tempting to support Scottish independence for the huge economic benefits that would accrue to the remaining UK - however I would much prefer the Union to remain and be strengthened.

Scotland leaving the UK would not be a repetition of Eire leaving the UK, but more a repetition of Pakistan ceding from India.
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