Tuesday 13 August 2013

MEP Candidate Shortlists

The final shortlists for next year's EU elections have been published complete with points scored from the assessment days.  Ballot papers will be sent to members shortly who will decide where the candidates will appear on the regional lists.  The higher up the list a candidate appears, the more likely they are to be elected.

Nigel Farage97
Paul Nuttall89
Janice Atkinson88
Patrick O'Flynn87
Stuart Agnew86
Ray Finch85
Jonathan Arnott85
Roger Helmer85
Paul Oakley83
Gerard Batten82
Godfrey Bloom81
Margot Parker81
Tim Aker81
Andrew Smith81
Michael McManus80
Jill Seymour80
Gawain Towler80
Julia Reid79
Louise Bours79
Michael Heaver78
Andrew McNeilis78
Jane Collins78
John Tennant78
Phil Henrick78
Jonathan Bullock77
Diane James76
Jason Smith76
Bill Etheridge76
Amjad Bashir76
Anthony Brown75
Elizabeth Jones75
Shneur Odze75
Tony McIntyre75
James Carver75
William Dartmouth75
Lawrence Webb74
Keith Crawford74
Alastair McFarlane74
Steven Woolfe73
Michael Wrench72
Michael Green72
Peter Whittle72
Robert Smith72
Lee Slaughter72
Nigel Jones72
Mike Hookem72
Peter Harper71
Simon Strutt71
Simon Noble71
Andy Monk71
Patricia Culligan71
Alan Stevens70
Mick McGough70
Lyndon Jones70
Donna Edmunds70
Barry Mahoney69
Barry Cooper69
Nigel Wickens68
Gary Shores68
Richard Elvin67
David Coburn75
Mike Scott-Hayward75
Christopher Monckton73
Otto Inglis73
Paul Henke70
Malcolm Macaskill66
Ross Durance63
Steven McKeane62
Kevin Newton56
Nathan Gill83
James Cole79
Gareth Dunn76
David Rowlands74
Caroline Jones69
Martyn Ford69
Brian Morris63
Northern Ireland
Henry Reilly
Patrick O'Flynn
Stuart Agnew
Tim Aker
Andrew Smith
Michael Heaver
Andy Monk
Mick McGough
East Midlands
Roger Helmer
Margot Parker
Jonathan Bullock
Barry Mahoney
Nigel Wickens
Paul Oakley
Gerard Batten
Andrew McNeilis
Anthony Brown
Elizabeth Jones
Lawrence Webb
Alastair McFarlane
Peter Whittle
North East
Jonathan Arnott
John Tennant
Richard Elvin
North West
Paul Nuttall
Michael McManus
Louise Bours
Shneur Odze
Steven Woolfe
Lee Slaughter
Peter Harper
Simon Noble
South East
Nigel Farage
Janice Atkinson
Ray Finch
Diane James
Nigel Jones
Simon Strutt
Patricia Culligan
Alan Stevens
Donna Edmunds
Barry Cooper
South West
Gawain Towler
Julia Reid
Tony McIntyre
William Dartmouth
Keith Crawford
Robert Smith
West Midlands
Jill Seymour
Phil Henrick
Bill Etheridge
James Carver
Michael Wrench
Michael Green
Lyndon Jones
Yorks & N Lincs
Godfrey Bloom
Jane Collins
Jason Smith
Amjad Bashir
Mike Hookem
Gary Shores