Friday 13 September 2013

Bruges Group poll shows 29% want to remain in the EU

A poll for the eurosceptic thinktank, the Bruges Group, has found that 71% of voters in the UK want us to be members of EFTA while just 29% want us to remain in the EU.

The European Free Trade Agreement is what people were deceived into thinking they were voting for in the only referendum we've ever had on membership of what is now the EU.  It is the relationship that Norway and Switzerland have with the EU and has helped them to become the two most prosperous nations in Europe, able to respond to the economic crises that have have blighted the rest of Europe without being hamstrung by stupid EU rules.

The Director of the Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, said:
This poll shows that there is a viable alternative to EU membership. The option of re-joining EFTA and becoming like Norway and Switzerland is very popular with the British public.
Europhiles call EFTA "fax democracy", saying that Norway and Switzerland don't get a say in the regulations that affect them and receive new regulations from the EU by fax.  This simply isn't true as Civitas pointed out recently. Norway and Switzerland, along with Iceland and Liechtenstein who are also members of EFTA, are involved in the policy making process right at the start and are involved in the regulation amendment process. They don't get a vote on the final regulation when it comes to the EU Parliament but by that time it's a fait acompli anyway, either because it's an EU regulation bringing into force a directive from an international organisation like the OECD or UN or because it's a regulation to enforce EU policy which EFTA has been part of formulating.