Sunday 8 September 2013

Sked launches another vote-splitter party

One of the founders of UKIP, Alan Sked, has started up another vote splitter eurosceptic party.

Sked's started a pro-immigration party?
Is it April 1st already?
Sked claims that UKIP is racist so he's started a "centre left" pro-immigration eurosceptic party, presumably in the mistaken belief that UKIP only attracts right wing voters and that there is a gap for a left wing eurosceptic party.

Like Nikki Sinclaire's vote-splitter single issue party, all it can ever achieve is more votes for the europhile LibLabCon parties and keep us in the EU for even longer.  Or it would if it wasn't going to be another member of the one percent club of parties that struggle to break the 1% barrier in elections.

Like Labour's useless youth employment scheme of the same name, New Deal can be written off as just another pointless project dreamt up by a failed egotist.