Wednesday 18 September 2013

Tory MYP calls on Cameron to "damn well skin" the UKIP fox

A Conservative student blogger and Member of the UK Youth Parliament by the name of Tom Pike has written on the obscure Conservative Companion website that UKIP "wish simply to bully [the Tories] into a pact" and that the Tories shouldn't just shoot the UKIP fox, but "damn well skin it".

Although it would be amusing in a sadistic kind of way to take apart his article line by line as I have done with others, it would also be time consuming and at 11:45pm on a school night I'm not going to satisfy my inner sadist.  Instead I will leave you with the comment that I left on the article which he has thus far declined to approve despite in moderation for nearly 2 days.
Your youthfulness comes across in your writing which, whilst articulate, is just a string of stereotypical nonsense and fanciful musings. UKIP doesn’t want to bully the Tories into a pact – we want to beat you, we want to beat Labour and we want to form a government.

Throughout your article you refer to the fact that UKIP’s policies are simply better and more popular than Tory policies but rather than come to the obvious conclusion that the Tories should stop trying to change the way people think and adopt some policies that people actually want, you think that the Tories should instead go on the attack and tell voters that UKIP policies are full of holes.

We’ve had decades of alternating Tory and Labour governments and they’ve done nothing for us. Cameron’s “promise” of an EU referendum on 2 years of negotiations he’ll conduct on our membership if he wins the next election (he won’t) which would then result in another 2 years of negotiations after invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty when we vote to leave is worth as much as his cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which we never had. Cameron is a dishonest europhile who has surrounded himself with other dishonest europhiles and nobody trusts them. That is why you will lose the next election – not because Ed Milibland or Labour are better (they’re no better or worse than the Cameron and the Tories) but because nobody trusts the Tories.

I would leave UKIP rather than form a coalition with the Tories and so would a great many UKIPpers. The Lib Dems happily destroyed themselves for a term in government because that is the limit of their ambition – to hang on someone else’s coat tails. Of course, it helps that David Cameron is more of a convictionless Lib Dem than a Tory but the two are really chalk and cheese on so many issues as far as the membership of those parties are concerned. It was never going to work but all the LibLabCon are interested in is the accumulation of power and wealth.

UKIP may not have all the answers but we’ll happily admit it when we don’t. We don’t have access to the government computer systems the LibLabCon have to model their economic and policy changes but we have real experts advising on policy – people who’ve had real jobs and made their own success. We don’t have decades (or centuries) of being in government to give the illusion of competence but we have real people saying real things about real problems. That is why we will give all three of the old parties the biggest kicking they’ve ever had next year in the EU elections and in 2015 in the general election. If you lose it’ll be your own fault and it’s time the Tories grew up and took responsibility for their own actions.