Saturday 14 December 2013

Snow in the Middle East, scientists fear for their bank accounts

Snow has fallen in Cairo for the first time in over a century as wintery weather has brought snow to Egypt, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jerusalem and Lebanon.

There are some fake pictures doing the rounds (some good, some just using Google's new auto-awesome snow effect) but there are many verified pictures on every major news website showing snowy scenes in Cairo and Jerusalem and confirmed reports that two Egyptian ports have been closed because of the snow. Jerusalem experienced a blizzard yesterday which dumped 20" of snow on the city.

Children playing with frozen global warming in Egypt
Picture: Egypt Independent
Of course, when I say "every major news website" that doesn't include the BBC whose policy of suppressing stories that don't promote global warming has become so extreme that there is no mention of the freak event on the BBC News website which instead carries a story about how scientists think the Bar-Tailed Godwit will be able to cope with climate change and continues its blanket coverage of Nelson Mandela's death.

The news of snow falling in the Middle East will have the global warming propaganda merchants spinning for their lives at the prospect of losing their lucrative grants in the face of reality. We've been told for years that the earth is getting hotter and we're all going to die from global warming unless we start living like nomadic hunter gatherers yet the weather stubbornly refuses to do as it's told to back up their crazy, discredited theories.

There will come a point very soon where even the most stubborn politician will have to say "sorry, we were wrong" and a lot of the snake oil salesmen who've been masquerading at scientists are going to have to readjust their lifestyle when the propaganda slush fund suddenly dries up.