Tuesday 21 January 2014

Left wing extremists assault Nigel Farage in Kent

Nigel Farage was attacked by left wing extremists in Kent yesterday, culminating in a physical assault using a placard which the police are investigating.

The "Nasty Little Nigel" protest was organised by Bunny La Roche who recently resigned from a full time rent-a-mob job with the Socialist Workers Party where it appears she was thoroughly detested by her comrades to form a militant group called Kent International Socialists. Comrade La Roche is the Kent branch of the fascist UAF and has links to other extreme left wing groups. Her Facebook profile lists her "inspirational people" including the mass murderers Lenin, Trotsky and Marx. She attracted criticism even from her own comrades when she shouted "when are you going to die" at a 75 year old BNP councillor.

Comrade La Roche was helped in organising yesterday's violent protest by communist Green Party councillor Ian Driver, perhaps inspired by his party's MP, Caroline Lucas, who was arrested for her involvement with a violent protest against a fracking company last year by left wing extremists. The violent protest also attracted support from the fascist UAF, SWP and Labour activists.

Nigel was left shaken but unhurt after being hit on the head with a placard - an attack that could have had serious consequences as he is still recovering from an operation on his back for injuries sustained from his plane crash in 2010.

The police are apparently looking to identify the person who carried out the assault. The YouTube video below showing the assault being committed in slow motion should help, particularly as the two policemen who saw it happen will be easily identifiable by their colleagues (their numbers had been taken off which seems to be a worrying but common practice just lately).

It's time something was done about these dangerous, lawless left wing extremists who think that violence and vandalism is an acceptable way to make a point.