Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stephen Kinnock, MP for Copenhagen

Neil Kinnock's son, Stephen Kinnock, has been selected as a Labour candidate for the safe seat of Aberavon.

Stephen Kinnock, soon to be MP for Aberavon, Denmark
Kinnock is married to the Danish Prime Minister and is based in London which makes the rich and powerful son of millionaire peers the obvious choice to stand as an MP for a working class constituency in South Wales. Any claims of nepotism will no doubt be strenuously denied by the Labour Party who will undoubtedly have a plausible explanation as to why a part-time MP who's never had a proper job in his life and spends half his week in London and the other half in Denmark will be able to effectively represent a constituency nearly 200 miles away.

Aberavon has had a Labour MP since 1922 so it looks like we'll be seeing the MP for Copenhagen taking his seat in Westminster next year.